Tuesday, June 17, 2014

50 Books on Finance

I have taken up an awesome project.

Over the next year, I am going to read and review 50 Books on Finance, Investments and Wealth. I have identified a few books as of now. I will need help and support in identifying the books to be reviewed.

The books being reviewed fall into various groups. Some of them are 'How To' books (Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki), some are conceptual in nature (How to make money in stocks, by William J O'Neil), some are lessons from great investors (Warren Buffet Way by Robert G Hagstrom) and others on Stock Investing.

The authors will be mainly American since that is where most of the literature on Finance has evolved. I will also try to review one or two books by Indian Authors.

As of now, I have identified the following books to be reviewed
  1. One minute millionaire (Left Side): Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen
  2. One minute millionaire (Right Side): Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen
  3. What works on wall street: James O'Shaughnessy
  4. Stocks for the long run: Jeremy Seigel
  5. The millionaire next door: Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko
  6. Secrets of the millionaire mind: T Harv Eker
  7. Rich dad poor dad: Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter
  8. One up on wall street: Peter Lynch
  9. Beating the street: Peter Lynch
  10. How to make money in stocks: William J O'Neil
  11. Your money or your life: Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin
  12. Total money makeover: Dave Ramsey
  13. Reminiscences of a stock operator: Edvin Lefevre
  14. The richest man in Babylon: George Samuel Clason 
  15. The Wealthy Barber: David Chilton
  16. The Bogleheads' guide to investing: Taylor Larimore, Mel Lindauer & Michael LeBoeuf
  17. Jim Cramer's Real Money: James Cramer
  18. The Millionaire Mind: Thomas J Stanley
  19. Four Pillars of Investing: William Bernstein
  20. The Informed Investor: Frank Armstrong
  21. Protecting your wealth in good times and bad: Richard Ferri
  22. Probability of fortune: Moshe A Milevsky
  23. Making the most of your money: Jane Bryant Quinn
  24. The only proven way to investment success: Chandan Sengupta
  25. Random walk down Wall Street: Burton Malkiel
  26. Investing rules from the masters: Philip Jenks & stephen Eckett
  27. The big short: Michael Lewis 
  28. Liar's poker: Michael Lewis 
  29. The new market wizards: Jack D Schwager
  30. How I made $2 Million in the stock market: Nicholas Darvas
  31. Rich Dad's guide to Investing: Robert Kiyosaki
  32. The Start Principle: Richard Koch
  33. Fooled by randomness: Nassim Nicolas Taleb
  34. Managing your money in retirement: Alicia Munnel
  35. Cash Flow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki
  36. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits: Philip Fisher
  37. Battle for Investment Survival: Gerald Loeb
  38. The education of a speculator: Victor Niederhoffer
  39. The money masters: John Train
  40. Zen in the markets: Edward Allen Toppel
  41. The intuitive trader: Robert Koppel
  42. Investor Therapy: Richard Geist
  43. Super investors of Graham and Doddsville: Warren Buffet
  44. Invest and Grow Rich: Guy Thomas
  45. The Zulu Principle: James D Slater
  46. How to pick stocks like Warren Buffet: Timothy Vick
  47. Value Investing and Behavioural Finance: Parag Parekh
  48. The Dhandho Investor: Mohnish Pabrai
  49. Thoughtful Investor: Basant Maheshwari
  50. All about value investing: Esme Faerber
  51. You can be a stock market genius: Joel Greenblatt
  52. Buffet Beyond Value: Prem C Jain
  53. The intelligent investor: Benjamin Graham
  54. The little book of valuation: Aswath Damodaran
  55. The five rules for successful stock investing: Pat Dorsey
  56. The Black Swan: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  57. The Predators Ball: Connie Bruck
  58. The Warren Buffet Way: Robert G Hagstrom
  59. Buffet: The making of an American Capitalist: Roger Lowenstein (Now Reading)
  60. How to be Billionaire: Martin Fridson
  61. John Neff on Investing: John Neff
  62. Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffet: Andrew Kilpatrick
  63. Against the gods: The remarkable story of Risk: Peter Bernstein
  64. The theory of investment value: John Burr Williams
  65. Security Analysis: Graham and Dodd
  66. Value Investing Made Easy: Janet Love
  67. When Genius Failed: Roger Lowenstein
  68. The South Sea Bubble: John Carswell
  69.  The house of Rothschild:Money's prophets: Niall Ferguson
  70. How to think like Benjamin Graham and invest like Warren Buffet: Lawrence A Cunningham
  71. The education of a value investor: My transformative quest for Wealth, Wisdom and Enlightenment: Guy Spier
  72. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (Harriman House Classics): Charles Mackay
  73. The Value Investors: Lessons from the World's Top Fund Manager: Bruce C. N. Greenwald
  74.  The Lords of Finance: Liaquat Ahamed 
  75. Getting Rich Your Own Way: Brian Tracy
  76. The new Buffettology: Mary Buffett and David Clark 
  77. Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill
  78. Money - The unauthorized biography: Felix Martin 
  79. The little book that still beats the market: Joel Greenblatt
  80. The little book of value investing: Christopher H Browne
  81. Bulls, bears and other beasts: Santosh Nair
  82. The little book of Valuation: Aswath Damodaran
  83. The little book that builds wealth: Pat Dorsey
  84. The little book of Bulletproof Investing: Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth 

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